About Us

Job-a Job-a is an online platform that makes it super easy to connect jobseekers and employers, and find the right fit for everyone involved. It is both a website and a mobile app.

Maybe you are looking for a one-time gig, like gardening work over the weekend, or a specific skilled person like a plumber, or a long term employee for your business, or a freelance developer to work on your website- there is no limit to the type of job or the type of employee you can find on Job-a Job-a.

We like to see you grow, and understand that you may be both a jobseeker as well as a potential employer. That is why, Job-a Job-a lets you change your role whenever it suits you. You can update your profile and apply for a job, and at the same time find a suitable person to help you do something you need, all in one place, through one profile.

You can trust Job-a Job-a for a number of reasons. The portal allows everyone to keep an up-to-date profile, listing their skills, experiences, and expertise. This is your online CV, letting potential employers know instantly if you are what they need.

A secure online payment mechanism protects both employers and employees, with the final transaction made only after both parties are satisfied.

The Job-a Job-a ratings systems allows both employers and employees to rate each other after a job is marked as complete. This helps both potential employers and jobseekers build credibility, with the star-ratings serving as referrals for the future.

Job-a Job-a is a vision born from His Majesty the King.