Frequently Asked Questions

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To create an account on Job-a Job-a, you need to go to the “Sign Up” page, enter your email address and a password in the “Create an Account” form or sign in using your facebook or google account.

If you have created an account with Job-a Job-a before, you can easily reset your password by navigating to “Forgot your password?" and validate your email or your phone number registered during the time of registration. You will then either get the reset PIN OR get further instructions on how to recover your password.

To edit your profile, you must be logged in first before you can access your account details. Then navigate to “Settings”, this will allow you to edit your details.

You can directly apply for jobs via Job-a Job-a. Browse jobs you are interested in, and click on the “Apply” button. You have to be logged in before applying for a job, or you will be directed to the login page while you click the apply button. Please read the job description and application instructions carefully as some employers may have specific requirements such as qualification, experience and skills. Some may also seek your detailed CV.

To find desired jobs, enter your search keyword and your desired location in the search bar and click on the ‘search jobs’ button. After you click the search button, you will see a list of results based on your search keyword and location.

Job-a Job-a has its own application process without requiring a detailed CV. You can also upload a resume if there are any requirements from the employer in file formats such as PDF, Doc and Docxt.

Job-a Job-a is free for use. You can create an account which will only belong to you. No one can use your account unless you share your credentials with others. With one account, you can be both a jobseeker as well as employer, without having to create a separate account.

Go to the Job-a Job-a portal, sign in and click on post jobs. There are certain criteria that posting a job must meet in order to be published on Job-a Job-a:

  • A clear location for the work;
  • A clear job title and description which describes the nature of the work;
  • Clear working hours;
  • Clear wage rates;
  • A clear closing date for the job;
  • It is clear who the employer is;

No, you must be registered to be able to post a job.

It is free to post a job on Job-a Job-a. You can post any number of job posts with job-a Job-a.

Click the Jobs icon at the top of your Job-a Job-a homepage. Click Manage job posts.

How do I create an account?

After the job has been posted on Job-a Job-a, you can review job applicants and candidate recommendations who have applied to your job. You can also share your job posts to relevant individuals, and on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to increase the reach.

Once a job is posted, you can access and make edits to it by clicking Manage job posts on the Jobs page at the top of your Job-a Job-a homepage.

With an inbuilt messaging platform with Job-a Job-a, you can message an applicant directly from the Applicants page of your job post.

In order to ensure the best and the safest experience for job seekers, we review and monitor job listings on an ongoing basis.