Code of Conduct

Thank you for being a part of the Job-a Job-a community!

Our mission is to create a secure and trusted community to engage users in meaningful exchanges and collaboration. We would like yo see you get things done by connecting you to a diverse pool of talented job seekers and employers. As you use Job-a Job-a, you are simultaneously We maintain your rating & feedback for every task undertaken with Job-a Job-a. This is an opportunity for you to build your expertise and experience, as well as build a credible reputation. How you behave on this platform at all times contributes to this. Here is a guideline of what is expected from an upright, moral and credible user of our services:

Personal Behaviour

I will:

  • comply with all of Job-a Job-a policies.
  • not abuse confidential information
  • provide true and correct information
  • not falsify my identity
  • not seek to communicate or receive payments off-site
  • not agree to do work I am not capable of doing
  • not request for payments before I have delivered work
  • not disclose information or documents I have acquired, other than as required by law
  • not create multiple accounts
  • not use the Site to generate false feedback about any person or service
  • be responsible for the content I post