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A rapidly growing platform where jobseekers and employers converge. Whether it is a one-time freelance gig, or a long-term job, all you need is Job-a Job-a. Simply register and post.

Job-a Job-a is FREE!

Job-a Job-a is a completely free platform. There are no hidden costs, no percentage deduction from a payment. Whether you are a jobseeker or potential employer, all you do is register once.

Secure Payment System

Job-a Job-a offers you a secure payment solution. Arrangements between the employer and jobseekers also include agreed payment terms

24/7 Support Service

Contact the Job-a-Job-a support team via email or hotline number at 2021 for any support required. Emails shall be responded within 24 hours.

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A quick and easy way to find the best person to work for you
Post your job announcements for free

Hard to find good people? With Job-a Job-a, potential employers can post a job for free, and connect to thousands of jobseekers instantly.

Select the perfect fit

Besides viewing all applicants’ qualifications, experience, and skill, potential employers can use our star-rating system to select the best hire possible. The ratings are provided by previous employers, and act as a collective reference.

Find Jobs Fast

A detailed profile will make it easier for potential employers to choose you!
Keep your CV updated online

Your Job-a Job-a profile is your CV, listing out your qualifications, skills, interests, and contact. Keep it updated to find the jobs that best suit you.

Earn ratings

Every job performance can be rated by your last employer- especially for freelance or contract workers, you can build a solid reputation right here based on the testimonials of those who have worked with you.